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Čím sme iní než cestovky? 

1. tým, že Jamajku dokonale poznáme, pretože sme tam DOMA. 

2. tým, že nerobíme masové zájazdy - naopak, venujeme sa každému individuálne a zájazd vieme urobiť na mieru aj pre jednotlivca.


Traveling is like a cup of coffee – most people like it and enjoy it regularly.

Someone needs it to start and refresh, another other one needs it just for relax.


Someone loves strong espresso, gourmets prefer sweet capuccino, other ones prefer just likkle presso for balancing blood pressure...

And it is the same with types of holidays.

Someone can relax only if they can lie down on the beach doing nothing, another one needs to combinate that doing nothing with exploring country and there are also people who need real adventures that are giving to them strenght to live.

So can I invite you for cup of coffee, dear friends? ;-) 



A COMBINATION OF RECOGNITION & RELAX (1 week exploring trip around the island + 1 or 2 weeks of pure relac on the best beach)


RELAXING VACATION (with couple short facultative tours)


EXPLORING TRIP for cruise passengers

Many tourists after bad experiences with travel guides are contacting me - WHY? For a simple reason: a guide that guides 10-15 people will never be able to be dedicated to you as much as I do because I never take more than four tourists with me. I am guided by the principle - a tourist, my lord - and the fewer people in the group, the better an individual approach can be applied. Every tourist has his own expectations and demands so reconciling the mass of people into one community is just Mission impossible. I customize my tour service to the wish of my tourists and I do not keep a strict framework program - if you like some place, we'll be out there for a longer time and I will not make you rush as it is used for tours organized by travel agencies. You can customize the tour program "on the go" at your wishes. Otherwise, typical tour guides from travel agencies do not even dare to sit down in a local bus full of Jamaicans because they are just too scared to do it. But to watch this magnificent island only from the window of luxurious tourist bus is just no big deal. 

Na Slovensku a v Čechách existujú desiatky cestovných kancelárií, u ktorých si môžete za veľké peniaze kúpiť bežný zájazd na Jamajku (hotel, plus výlet k Dunn´s River Falls, Treasure Beach a do Marleyho múzea). Avšak tí, čo chcú zažiť a spoznať SKUTOČNÚ tvár Jamajky, volajú mne. Pretože vedia, že NITA a JAMAJKA sú zohratý team, kombinácia, vďaka ktorej sa vydarí každá dovolenka.